Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Black Darkness Car

Tech Specs
Power: Power Fuctions
Steering: Extended steering shaft
Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560 - New
5x Big Black Gears (optional)
Several parts for the extendable drive shaft
You "can" use a different colors but it won't look as good:
1x Red 11M
4x Black 15M
2x Black 13M
4x Black 9M
3x Black 7M
2x Black 5M
8x Black 3M
How it Works
The motor is at the bottom of the photograph facing to the 20 teeth gear, connected to the differential. Then the wheels are attached to the wheels.
The battery box is in the main body. The lights are attached to that along with the M-Motor and the black brick is the block half way down the "light" wire.

The extendable drive shaft.

The "extendable drive shaft's" goes through two universal joints to a handle that moves a handle that steers the car.
Another view of the steering.

Steering to the left 
In action

Building Instructions

3d Printed "Boston's Brick Closet" Plaque

This is compatible with Lego Technic. And on the top it says Boston's Brick Closet.


If you want to 3d print this you can go to it's Thingiverse page:

I remixed this from Projucks creation under Creative Commons:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Forklift

Data Sheet:
Power:  Mindstorms Ev3 (1x Ev3 Med. Motor and 2x Ev3 Large Motors)
Drive: 1x Ev3 large motor.
Parts: Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560 - NewLEGO® Mindstorms EV3 31313
 and , 2x 16 tooth gears (OldNew), White 3M Beam (Color Matters), and Lego Mindstorms Ev3 31313

How it works
This is the remote. There is an Ev3 Color sensor on the left side of the remote. Their is a black element that can slide on and axle left and right. This will make the color sensor see the different colors, therefore steering the car. The downside of this steering method is that it must have a wire running from the sensor to to the brick.
This is the "Tire Lock" it locks the tire in place when the tire is more than 1 stud off the ground. This is pulled off by an axle that when it is touching the ground it will lift the black axle coming of the top witch is connected to a beam that connects to an axle that is lowered into the rim of the tire. This will keep the tire from falling off.
See It in action
On the ground (field test):

Lifted up for easy viewing:
Build It Yourself
You will need the parts listed from the kits above. I split the build into 5 "bags" just like real Lego sets:
Bag 1: The steering system
Bag 2: The arm/ body
Bag 3: The drive system
Bag 4: The Remote Control.
Bag 5: The Tires to pick up

The Parts lists and their respective videos!


The program is on Google Drive
Go To the link here
Download the program! Run the robot and have a great time!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simple Car - How to Add Power Fuctions

You like the Simple Car, but hate to keep turning that knob to make the car go. If you have the LEGO® Technic Power Function Accessory box (8293) and Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560
 you can upgrade simple car to a whole new level with power functions.
The motor is just added instead of the handle and the battery box is stuck on top.

How to build it yourself
These are the parts you will need in addition to the parts from simple car.

Then watch this "Build with Boston" tutorial.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Simple Car - Can be built from Only Parts in EV3 education expatiation (with instructions).

I built this "normal car" because I wanted to make a car that just uses the parts from the Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560

Data Sheet:
Power: Two Handles on the back of the car.
Drive: Yellow handle on the back.
Parts: All parts are from the Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560 - New

This car was built assuming that power came from two cranks on the back of the car. The yellow for drive (bottom) and the blue for steering (top).

This is the "steertrain" that transfers the power from the blue knob to the steering. It goes from the blue knob down some axles to a set of 8 tooth gears. This changes the rotational direction so that when you rotate the blue knob, the car will turn right.

Close-Up of the gearbox talked about above.
The drive knob just spins the differential that spins the wheels

Build it Yourself:
Parts you will need (they are all in the  Ev3 education Expansion set)
Build with Boston:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Steer-Crazy Car. Unpredictable Madness.

I built a crazy Lego® Technic Car. It is made to steer left and right over and over. It ended up steering like crazy, hence the name "steer-crazy".

Data Sheet:
Power: 1 medium motor
Drive: Shares the M motor with steering.
How this car works:
There is a motor on the left side that powers the differential. The differential powers the wheels. The other side of the differential is another 20 tooth gear that goes to the steering system.
The power comes in past the red piece and goes through a set of four tooth gears and then there is a gear reduction so the car steers less often.  Then It rotates a 40 tooth gear that has two prongs that stick out. A rod moves as these prongs pass, that rod is connected to the steering by a rubber band. Thereby steering the car.


I thought this car went pretty well. I did not have enough space to allow the car to ride very far, but I did get the car to turn once or twice. I had another problem, the large gear that I used to move the lift arm sometimes made the lift arm gear stuck. This was a big problem because it kept it going back to the "not steered" position. The goal was to build a car that could steer and drive with the same motor. I believe that that made it a success.

See it in action:

Building instructions:
You will need these parts:
Watch the video!