Saturday, November 28, 2015

Steer-Crazy Car. Unpredictable Madness.

I built a crazy Lego® Technic Car. It is made to steer left and right over and over. It ended up steering like crazy, hence the name "steer-crazy".

Data Sheet:
Power: 1 medium motor
Drive: Shares the M motor with steering.
How this car works:
There is a motor on the left side that powers the differential. The differential powers the wheels. The other side of the differential is another 20 tooth gear that goes to the steering system.
The power comes in past the red piece and goes through a set of four tooth gears and then there is a gear reduction so the car steers less often.  Then It rotates a 40 tooth gear that has two prongs that stick out. A rod moves as these prongs pass, that rod is connected to the steering by a rubber band. Thereby steering the car.


I thought this car went pretty well. I did not have enough space to allow the car to ride very far, but I did get the car to turn once or twice. I had another problem, the large gear that I used to move the lift arm sometimes made the lift arm gear stuck. This was a big problem because it kept it going back to the "not steered" position. The goal was to build a car that could steer and drive with the same motor. I believe that that made it a success.

See it in action:

Building instructions:
You will need these parts:
Watch the video!

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