Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Black Darkness Car

Tech Specs
Power: Power Fuctions
Steering: Extended steering shaft
Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560 - New
5x Big Black Gears (optional)
Several parts for the extendable drive shaft
You "can" use a different colors but it won't look as good:
1x Red 11M
4x Black 15M
2x Black 13M
4x Black 9M
3x Black 7M
2x Black 5M
8x Black 3M
How it Works
The motor is at the bottom of the photograph facing to the 20 teeth gear, connected to the differential. Then the wheels are attached to the wheels.
The battery box is in the main body. The lights are attached to that along with the M-Motor and the black brick is the block half way down the "light" wire.

The extendable drive shaft.

The "extendable drive shaft's" goes through two universal joints to a handle that moves a handle that steers the car.
Another view of the steering.

Steering to the left 
In action

Building Instructions

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