Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Forklift

Data Sheet:
Power:  Mindstorms Ev3 (1x Ev3 Med. Motor and 2x Ev3 Large Motors)
Drive: 1x Ev3 large motor.
Parts: Lego® Ev3 Expansion Set 45560 - NewLEGO® Mindstorms EV3 31313
 and , 2x 16 tooth gears (OldNew), White 3M Beam (Color Matters), and Lego Mindstorms Ev3 31313

How it works
This is the remote. There is an Ev3 Color sensor on the left side of the remote. Their is a black element that can slide on and axle left and right. This will make the color sensor see the different colors, therefore steering the car. The downside of this steering method is that it must have a wire running from the sensor to to the brick.
This is the "Tire Lock" it locks the tire in place when the tire is more than 1 stud off the ground. This is pulled off by an axle that when it is touching the ground it will lift the black axle coming of the top witch is connected to a beam that connects to an axle that is lowered into the rim of the tire. This will keep the tire from falling off.
See It in action
On the ground (field test):

Lifted up for easy viewing:
Build It Yourself
You will need the parts listed from the kits above. I split the build into 5 "bags" just like real Lego sets:
Bag 1: The steering system
Bag 2: The arm/ body
Bag 3: The drive system
Bag 4: The Remote Control.
Bag 5: The Tires to pick up

The Parts lists and their respective videos!


The program is on Google Drive
Go To the link here
Download the program! Run the robot and have a great time!


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