Sunday, January 10, 2016

Phone Carrying Car / RC Lego Racer

I have been working to create a car that I can use as a "spy" type robot. I decided to accomplish this by making a holder for my phone on the back of the vehicle and using Lego Power Functions to drive it around.
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Tech Specs:
Power/Batteries: AA Battery Box with Rechargeable Batteries
Motors: Servo for Steering and M for drive
Control: Power Functions IR Remote/Receiver 
Instructions: Yes, Video
How it Works

This is the steering system. To the right is the Servo Motor that steers this car and near the center there are the gears that do the steering, Then that same axle powers a set of two gears with a 3:1 gear ratio to move the "Steering Indicator" so when you are driving you can see what way you are steering.
The motor in the back powers the differential.

That goes through a 3:1 gear ratio to the wheels.

A photo with the phone on the back of the car.
See it in action:

Build it Yourself
Here are the parts you will need:
Click to make the Parts list full screen!

The Build with Boston Video will show you how to build it! 5 seconds/step.

More Info Coming Soon!

The Brick Parts Project - See the Part!

See the Part! is now on Youtube. It is a parts catalog of many Lego® Technic Parts, a 360 degree view of all sides of these parts. For each part I spin it around for 15-16 seconds so you can see it from all sides. I hope this can be used a a good resource for you. Here's a link to the playlist were new See the Part! Videos will be posted.

It will take me a long time to even make a dent into the tons of Lego® Parts but the First few are posted and many more are on the way.

Let me know in the comments here or in the comments section of the videos See the Part! videos