Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ballista Modernized Semi-Automatic (Now in Plastic)

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"The Ballista was integral to the Greek and Romans power. It can become something of the 21 century, in plastic, Ballista Modernized, Semi-Automatic"
Parts: .Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition,  the Ev3 Expansion Set, four little rubber bands, and a short string
Power: Human Powered
Instructions: Yes, Video
Firing Power: 3-5 feet (~1 - 1.5 meters)

The Modernized Balista. The Ballista was used by the Greeks and Romans. I made some Changes and made it in plastic, in LEGO®
The Parts:

(1) Stun Shot: This is a small shooter for firing!
(2) Ammo Storage: This is an additional two shots for a time when when you are firing, so if you run out of ammo you have two shots of buffer.

(3) Ammo Clip: The clip has a simple job of keeping the bullets stacked and ready to fire.

(4) Handle: Pull this part back to load the gun with a shot and pull back the arms (5). Let go of it and the projectile will fire.

(5) Power Storage Arms: Stores the power it gained when you pull it back and when you let go they fly forward to launch the Chariot forward

(6) Chariot: This is where the system really works. it is the "chair" for the bullet that will allow it to fly forwards but not side to side or back.

(7) Handle Large: A handle to hold onto for stability and hold 1 and 2 inside (not at the same time)

Another part is the sight than can be viewed from the back to help aim your shots.

In-Action Videos:

Spin Around Videos

Build it Yourself
This is all of the parts that you will need to build this contraption.

Bag 1

Bag 2

Bag 3

Bag 4
..and here is the "Build with Boston" video.

Some other photos
The Minifigure will get it! 
This photo was took through the sight.
Yes, Him
It's A Joke!
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