Saturday, April 2, 2016

Battle Bots! - Lego® Technic Robots Fight!

I have always wanted to crash robots robots smashing into each other. I have not been able to do this until now!

The robot I built was spinner and my friend Itimar also built a robot (smasher) and we decided to battle them.

How does the Spinner robot work?
The large shield thing on top creates a shield that makes it hard for Itamar to attack me.
Click on any image to make if full screen!
This is the battery box for the large spinner on top (middle). To the left is the holder for the first person camera.
The motor is on the bottom and it goes through a turntable to keep the opponent from knocking off my huge spinning shield. The gear ratio is 1:1 
The gear ratio for the driving is 3:1. and there is not much else to say in the caption.

See it from all sides!

How the Smasher robot works!
Sorry... Lost these files ) :
Build with Boston - Build it yourself for SPINNER
Bag 1

Bag 2 -
78 Black Pegs

Now you can watch the video:

See the Robots Battle!

And for those who don't have much time on your hands:
The Short Version (Highlights)

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