Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Paddles" for the Lego® Mindstorms Remote Controller

This is a quite simple build but in my opinion it makes it a lot easier to drive Mindstorms Vehicles!

Power system: N/A
Motors: N/A
Parts: 31313 (Ev3 Home Edition)


How it works:
This system is quite simple. The "paddles" are moved forward and backward. This moves the button pressing piece forward and backward and therefore pressing the corresponding button on the Remote Controller.

Build with Boston:

(The Build with Boston is at the end at the main video (32 seconds into the video))

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lego® Technic Gun

I for some odd reason love to build weapons. Back to the ballista I made approximately 6 months ago. And this is another one, it is not a replica of any real world gun. Comment below if you think it looks like any other gun in the real world. I doubt that there was a gun with these weird proportions.
Click on the photo to expand.
Power system: Human Power stored in rubber bands
Motors: N/A
Parts: Look below at the build video section... lots of sets were used to make this! ( :


How It works:
There are two main mechanical parts to this creation. They are the firing mechanism and the clip mechanism.

This is the unloaded gun system so you can see how it works. Basically the carriage moves back and forth, Loading, then Firing. Then it repeats.
The top part where the blue pegs facing up is where the clip attaches, and the one bullet in the gun is to show how the bottom-most bullet is fired. First you pull back on the red handle, this stretches the rubber bands and allows the bullet to fall into the carriage, then when you let go the bullet is fired.

So I can see inside to show you how the clip mechanism works the left panel of the clip comes off.

This is the heart of the clip system. The large "weight' that has a rubber band connected to it to pull it toward the gun even when it is upside down. This "weight" falls from above pressing the bullets into the firing system. But it's main job is to keep the bullets from jamming. What would happen is that when you rattle the gun the bullets will turn sideways and it would be unable to fire. Jammed,  ) :

This "lock" helps with loading by keeping the weight out of the way.
The back of the clip can be opened and bullets can be slid in. 
How to Build it (Build with Boston):

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And some non-Lego® Parts:

Now watch the video to see how to build it!


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