Monday, July 11, 2016

Lego Mindstorms Spy Bot

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Power system: Mindstorms with 6 AA batteries
Motors: 3 Mindstorms Ev3 motors
Parts: Look below at the build video section... lots of sets were used to make this! ( : (the drive train (bag 1) can be built with only 31313 (Ev3 Home Edition)

Main Video:

How it Works:
Firstly this cover can come off to allow maintenance to the main driving system!

A large motor opens and closes the front door. Behind that door is my phone, it can record video but it can also allow me to drive the vehicle remotely.
This is the main drive system - just two treads. (:

Special Video:
I like making videos that are interesting and don't just show the creation in great lighting. So I created the Mission:

Build with Boston:


Now Let's Build it!