Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lego® Technic Puzzle Box #1

I love puzzles, these make me happy. So I thought I could meld my two hobbies and make a Lego Puzzle.
Power System: N/A
Motors: None
Parts: Below:
Click for full screen...
Main Video:

How it works!

Pushing this...

...lifts this piece.

one stud up to this position this hits a door making it open!

I took of the bottom of the puzzle box so you can see the inside!

This handle...

...shifts between 3 gears, only one of them does anything!

So when you turn this knob and the gear shiftier is set correctly... 

The door is hit slightly.

 So than it can be opened fully.

the next mechanism consists of a handle turning some gears...

 That turn more gears.

That open a door...

 ...where the energy core is found.


Build with Boston:
Click on the images for the full screen.

Now watch the video!

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