Friday, September 9, 2016

Lego Puzzle Box #2

I had a fantastic time designing this puzzle box, I was trying to make the most complex box of madness I can. This is what I came up with...


This puzzle is very complicated in the inside, but so I can show you how it works, the top and bottom can be detached easily.

This is how the top detaches

And the Bottom:
These are the parts that come off the top,
 Then you can see inside
(P.S. Some of the pneumatic tubes are not in there. Sorry)
The main things you can see from the top are the pneumatic pump (the blue thing) and the pneumatic switch

And the bottom:

One of the things on the bottom was the drive train for the pump, the long pole with the universal joints and the big tan gear transfer the power to the pump (in the top picture)

On the left there is a gear shiftier for the final door opening (much like the one on puzzle box #1).

Solution Video:

Build with Boston:

Here are the parts:

Now let's build it